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android-discuss | androiddiscuss / all about android
This group is all about android from a visually impaired perspective. Developers are more than welcome to subscribe as well to learn about accessibility.. The first post from each member will be moderated. However everyone is expeced to follow the group guidelines which will be sent out to all members at the first of every month. This will be a separate email not sent out to the list, unless otherwise stated.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • android-discuss | android-dev
    Discuss android development and coding  here.  Also discuss how to make apps you are working or want to work on accessible. All devs are welcome.
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  • android-discuss | betaapps / beta apps and discussion
    Discuss any betas  you might be involved with over here if you don't want to discuss this in the main group. Also if you are a developer who wants  to recruit beta testers this is the place to do it.. Together we can work to build somethingn awesome and accessible.
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